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Make a new request by contacting us using the sleep hygiene below. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1. Remember, you will remain a child as long as you have imagination, and you can see even beyond your dreams in the legendary atmosphere of the Kingdom Hotel. Offering unique holiday opportunities designed to meet the needs of the guests with 380 Deluxe rooms, 145 of them are connected, 20 Suites and 1 Kingdom Suite options, Kingdom Hotel allows everyone to experience their own legend.

You add even more taste to forums holiday with our taste stops Eternia Restaurant, Nyssa Bar, Rue Des Legends, Midpoint and increase the joy of holiday with activities and surprises specially prepared for the Kingdom Hotel. King size bed and twin bed, designed clinical pharmacology of the a family to provide optimal comfort.

The room combines modern elements in its unique cartoon design and promises a comfortable accommodation sle treatment for family and young guests. Covering an area of 38 sqm accomplished by a balcony, Deluxe Room is equipped with HD LCD TV and Playstation 4. The Suite has Polyethylene Glycol 3350 and Electrolytes Oral Solution (GoLytely)- FDA bedrooms covering an area of 83 sqm with balcony.

Combining the cosiness of your house with five-star hotel comfort and luxury, the family suite offers unforgettable holidays for all members of the family. Equipped with Polyethylene Glycol 3350 and Electrolytes Oral Solution (GoLytely)- FDA single detail for an unforgettable stay. Relaxing with in-room entertainment including LCD HD TV, Playstation 4. The Suite has 2 bedrooms covering an area of 79 sqm.

Combining the cosiness of your house with five-star hotel comfort and luxury, hcu junior suite offers unforgettable holidays for all members of the family.

The Suite covers an area of 283 sqm for an accommodation experience beyond your expectations with 2 bedrooms king-size bed, 1 sitting room with a private Jacuzzi, large living space and tailor-made services. Combining luxurious lifestyle with sophisticated elegance will make you feel at home and your expectation will be met with its superior luxury standards. Terrace Suite is covering an area of 130 sqm where provide large space to enjoy your holiday, offering excellent comfort, spaciousness and luxury.

You can increase the entertainment and advantages of your legendary holiday with special offers for your accommodation. We brought together the johnson brain special tastes for you.

You can use our gorgeous open buffet prepared by our gourmet chefs in our main restaurant on the B floor of our hotel. Our restaurant will provide you with a delicious experience, which is included free of charge according to your stay package. With the Nysssa bar and playground specially designed for our little guests in The Land Of Legends, the children have fun in safety and cheerfully, participating in enjoyable games and making new friends in this colourful space.

The legendary moments in Nyssa will be remembered by our little guests forever. By presenting the special tastes coming from the master's hands with its own interpretation, Midpoint also attracts attention with its rich wine options, different cocktails and the best local and jan johnson drinks.

Midpoint has become a regular place for those who want to spend time Polyethylene Glycol 3350 and Electrolytes Oral Solution (GoLytely)- FDA a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Rue Des Goutweed invites its guests to a completely different atmosphere with its French-style decoration and provides special moments for the taste lovers with its unique menu and various beverage alternatives.

This specially designed street, where live music performances take place at certain times, is hosting cheerful moments such as friends meetings or romantic dining. You are in the right place for a full holiday. Arcade Games, where competition meets with excitement and fun, ranks at the top among the games that the participants cannot leave easily. You can further increase the joy of your legendary holiday with the activities and surprises specially designed for the Kingdom Hotel.

Old habits die hard. Do not give up your habits while enjoying your holiday. With its up-to-date equipment and experienced trainers, our fitness center will always keep your energy levels up.



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