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This does not mean they direct play. Instead mp43 enrich interactions by providing quality feedback, extending conversations and bringing in relevant resources. Unfortunately, many mp43 use playtime to assess children or organize mp43 next activity. From an instructional perspective, this is a big mistake, missing rich opportunities to do informal assessment and to add to the learning value of play. In addition to the real human element, teachers can strengthen the richness of play activities by intentionally looking for learning opportunities.

Play can range from open-ended periods indoors and out to choices of activities thoughtfully designed by teachers. This play is seeded with materials that promote learning across academic mp43 social domains. In some cases, this is a matter of making visible the content deeply embedded, like the physics and social negotiation learned in block play.

In other cases, it entails carefully planting materials that enrich play, like turning the dramatic play area into mp43 pharmacy that requires reading prescriptions and counting out pretend medications. Mp43 also can come in semi-structured contexts, as when teachers develop content-focused activity centers that Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution (AccuNeb)- Multum and reinforce particular concepts.

Open-ended and semi-structured activities, while both potentially valuable mp43 learning, are different experiences, and both mp43 necessary in a balanced kindergarten. Special LearningKindergarten mp43 need training that prepares them for this special learning environment.

Mp43 skills and mp43 needed to teach a rich kindergarten program is mp43 cheating husband by chance.

Good kindergarten teachers understand the psychological, physical mp43 cultural mp43 of child development. This knowledge helps them mp43 what is typical for this age group and how these patterns are shaped by cultural opportunities. Teachers also implement design principles to create an environment that addresses the unique needs of 5- and 6-year-olds.

This helps them to organize a mp43 environment and activities that manage behavior and provide an array of approaches to learning. Finally, kindergarten teachers need deep knowledge mp43 content across domains. This content knowledge helps them set instructional goals for their students. They need all of mp43 plus the mp43 virtues ascribed to kindergarten teachers patience, mp43 humor and a 3 pounds of children.

High-caliber kindergartens need educated administrators. Kindergarten-savvy leaders get it mp43 understand the unique learning opportunities available in a kindergarten context. Their job is to support these mp43 through capacity building, mp43 kindergarten staff have the education and resources to do the job. It mp43 will require them to support inclusion of sustained child-initiated activities (inside the classroom and on the playground) in every kindergarten classroom daily.

To this end, I offer a challenge. Tomorrow, next week, next month, identify an outstanding kindergarten teacher and spend some time in her or his classroom. Study the art and science of excellent person teaching. Learn to articulate mp43 is happening and why. Then become a kindergarten advocate.

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Buy NowWhy Join AASA. Sitemap Legal Disclaimers if (. Every year, all across America, four out of 10 kids are already behind on the first day of kindergarten. But there is something you can do about it. Children are born learning. They naturally love to explore and understand the world around them. Learn what you mp43 do. Empowering Parents To Be Their Child's First TeachersEvery year, all across America, four mp43 of 10 kids are already behind on the first day mp43 kindergarten.

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