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Here comes johnson 2010 great power of Linux and this is one of the reasons, why Linux is running on 96. Kill command sends a signal, a specified signal to a currently running process. The kill command can be executed in a number of ways, directly or from a shell script. SIGHUP is a less secure way of killing johnson 2010 process than SIGTERM.

SIGKILL is johnson 2010 most unsafe way among the above three, to kill a process that terminates a process without saving.

In order to kill a johnson 2010, we need to know the Process ID of a process. A Process is an instance of a program. Every time a program starts, automatically a unique PID is generated for that process. Every Process in Linux has a pid. Init decides and allows itself to be killed, where kill is merely a request for a shutdown. To know all the processes and correspondingly their assigned pid, run the following ps command.

You must be aware johnson 2010 the process name, before killing and entering a wrong process name may screw you. These two are the only commands of this family, which takes process name as argument in-place of process number.

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