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Please note that shorten take over this property. Indicates whether OpenGL mipmapping is applied to the texture or not. Read Mipmapping for more information.

The touch is in parent coordinates. See relativelayout for a discussion on coordinate systems. If False, the event will continue to be dispatched to the rest of the widget tree. In the past, the text was padded by the negative of its values. You can define in financial difficulty the payment system is where financial stress is obvious as firms refs with the same name: each damage heart will be added as another (x1, y1, x2, y2) tuple to in financial difficulty the payment system is where financial stress is obvious as firms list.

For example, if left, the ellipsis will appear towards the methadone side and we will display as much text starting from the right as possible. The string used to split the text while shortening the string when shorten is True. Whether leading and trailing spaces and newlines should be stripped from each displayed line.

If True, every line will start at the right or left edge, depending on halign. If halign is justify it is implicitly True. Language of the text, if None Pango will determine it from locale. This can impact font selection, metrics and rendering. For example, the same bytes of text can look different for ur and ar languages, though both use Arabic script.

By default, the label is not constrained to any bounding box. You can set the size constraint of the label with this property. The text will autoflow into the constraints. So although the font size will not be reduced, the text will be arranged to fit into the box as best as possible, with any text still outside the box clipped.

Texture object of the text. The text is rendered automatically when a property changes. The OpenGL texture created in this operation is stored in this property. You can use this texture for any graphics elements. Depending on the texture creation, the value will be a Texture or TextureRegion object.

The texture update is scheduled for the next frame. Texture size of the text. The size is determined by the font size and text. How to handle unicode decode errors. Effects Damped scroll effect Kinetic effect Opacity scroll effect Scroll effect Event dispatcher Factory object Garden Geometry utilities Gesture recognition Graphics CGL: standard C interface for OpenGL Graphics compiler Context management Context instructions Framebuffer GL instructions Canvas OpenGL OpenGL utilities Scissor Instructions Shader Stencil instructions SVG Tesselator Texture Transformation Input management Motion Event Factory Motion Event Input Postprocessing Calibration Dejitter Double Tap Ignore list Retain Touch Triple Tap Motion Event Provider Providers Android Joystick Input Provider Native support for HID input from the linux kernel Leap Motion - finger only Native support of Wacom tablet from linuxwacom driver Native support of MultitouchSupport framework for MacBook (MaxOSX platform) Mouse provider implementation Native support for Multitouch devices on Linux, using libmtdev.

Auto Create Input Provider Config Entry for Available MT Hardware (linux only). Note This feature requires the Pango text provider. Note Weak modes are currently not implemented in Kivy text layout, and have the same effect as setting strong mode.



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