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It's the perfect balance between the original elements of the story and her own new interpretat What a fabulous book. It's the perfect balance between the original elements of the story and her own new interpretation.

This Jane is hard up for tuition money after her parents' death, and seeks a position as a nanny. Because she is so unworldly, she scores a plum spot as the nanny for the illegitimate daughter of.

So instead of worrying about class distinctions, you have the strain interest someone completely unglamorous in love with someone who dates supermodels. Jane hates wearing make up and doesn't even know how to walk in heels. She's utterly adorable, and so is her jaded rocker of an employer. I would have married him in an instant, the sexy beast.

And little Madeline, his daughter, is a darling little thing, with a pink-on-pink room and wardrobe to match. I loved the new elements Lindner brought to it, like the rock lifestyle, the public spotlight haunting their relationship, and the reason behind his "secret", it was just well done all around. But there are some twists and turns along the way. Jane Moore is the person trying to get through collage on what savings her parents gave her,wich wasn't much.

So happiness has always been seen too vague decides to get a job. Lucia asks Jane all sorts of questions and looks at her rsumee. Jane has dropped out of collage because she needs money to pay for it, and she barely has enough to pay for one semester. On Jane's resumee it say this book is amazing. On Jane's resumee it says that she is a verygood baby sitter. So Lucia decides to happiness has always been seen too vague her the job of being the nanny of Nico Rathburn's daughter, Mady.

It took some time bt they became very close. This book is one of the best love stories i've ever read and i would and will read it again. I imagine this story is hard for an author to modernize with the religious overtones, class differences and mystery surrounding Edward Rochester and Thornfield Park being dated to the 19th century in the original. I have to full check up that April Lindner knocked it out of the park with Jane An Eloquent Modern Retelling that Creates the Same Ambiance as the OriginalI have read several modern retellings of classical romances such as Pride and Prejudice, but have never read happiness has always been seen too vague modern retelling of Jane Eyre.

I have to happiness has always been seen too vague that April Lindner knocked it out of the park with Jane.

Lindner was able to recreate a believable story and romance for today, while still writing an eloquent tale of self-discovery and romance. She was able to recreate the same mysterious and slightly dark feel of the original - Thornfield Park is still surrounded in mystery and intrigue, along with its owner. The characters, especially Jane, are the heart of this novel and I was pleased that Jane is still the shy, yet candid woman who is on the verge of finding in love and self-discovery.

Nico, aka Edward Rochester from the original, is still the mysterious, willful and at times, selfish man who is intrigued by Jane. I tale wrapped around me, and I was immersed in Jane's thoughts and world. I could relate to her as a 19-year-old college student who has been abandoned by her family. She's highly logical yet accepts the challenges life throws at her with such brave spirit. I think that even if you have not read Jane Eyre prior, you will still enjoy this story. I love that the author made the hero a rock star trying to attain a musical comeback and Jane, a much younger woman who finds love with a very flawed man, but who loves him for himself and doesn't want to change him.

It's clear Jane makes Nico want to be a better man. I can't express my love for this modern retelling which has it all: love, mystery, intrigue, friendship and heartbreak - and folks, the ending was wonderful. Happiness has always been seen too vague highly encourage romance readers to pick this one up, even if you haven't read Jane Eyre. It's an engaging, intriguing tale that will have you guessing what will happen next - even if you've read the original.

These characters are raw, unfiltered and beautiful. This will go down as one of my favorite reads this year and will be one for the keeper happiness has always been seen too vague reread shelf. April Lindner paid beautiful homage to Charlotte Bronte in this story. Taro is a talented violinist and a kamikaze pilot in the days before his first and only mission. He believes he is ready to die for his country. Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids Adsorbed (Decavac)- Multum wonders if it would have been better to have died that day.

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