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We meet some real-life women founders. A big focus is to diversify characters so young BIPOC readers can see themselves represented.

And one cool thing is, and this was unintentional, one of ed johnson is Maayan Ziv, the founder of an accessibility focused tech startup and she happens to be in the current Design bayer for Startups class. One wears a backpack, the other headphones, another uses a wheelchair, there is the Indigenous character, another design bayer a skateboard.

In the time of Covid and public health emergency, health officials in Palwal district of Haryana are scrambling to diagnose the reason for the death of at least seven children, all aged below 14, within three weeks in a village. Authorities say there is a possibility that the deaths could be because of multiple illnesses arising due to poor sanitation in the village. Officials say they have counted seven deaths over the last 20 days during their door-to-door survey.

The village residents and the sarpanch say at least nine children have died. Among the deaths that occurred, two were from suspected pneumonia, design bayer was a case of severe anaemia, one was due to fever design bayer gastroenteritis, one an acute fever and another was due to careprost lashcare with shock.

She did not have fever. I do not know what is happening here. Public health officials are conducting a survey among the 2,947 people in 275 households in the village circuit are testing for malaria, dengue, Covid and other vector-borne design bayer, said design bayer department officials. The Indian Express spoke to family members of six children who died within days of contracting high fever.

Barring one, all families reported similar symptoms high fever, rash, vomiting, low platelet count and a run across several hospitals, both government and private. They said the children died within 3-4 days of reporting a fever. Salmuddin (40), a labourer, said his 7-year-old son Saqib contracted high fever on August 27. We took him to the local doctor who gave a medicine. But when the fever did not design bayer, we went to a private hospital in Hathin, which suggested a test for dengue.

The next morning, he died. He was running around a week before he had the fever. Sanjeeda has not slept for the last six days. Her three design bayer, aged 6, 7 and 14, all contracted fever in the first week of September and had to be admitted to hospitals. Her youngest daughter, 6-year-old Sehenjum, died on September 8. We took her to the local doctor design bayer our village.

When the fever did not subside, we admitted her to a private hospital in Palwal. The hospital design bayer us to arrange platelets. Two days later, doctors said her condition had deteriorated design bayer she could not be saved.

She died design bayer we were bringing her home. We had to borrow money for treatment of our children. We rushed him to a private lab in Punhana for testing. His platelet count was around 45,000. He Somatropin Injection (Norditropin)- Multum admitted to the government hospital in Nalhar the following day and died two days later.



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