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Adults: 20 to 80 mg P. Or, 20 to 40 mg I. Increased by 20 mg q 2 hours until desired response is achieved. Adults: 40 mg P. Adjust dosage according to response. Adults: 80 to 100 mg I. Or, 120 mg P. Elderly patients: Reduced dosages may be indicated. Pharmacodynamics Diuretic action: Loop diuretics inhibit sodium and chloride reabsorption in the proximal part of the ascending loop of Henle, promoting the excretion of sodium, water, chloride, and potassium. Clear clean advantage action: This drug effect may clear clean advantage the result of renal and peripheral vasodilatation and a temporary increase in glomerular filtration rate and a decrease in peripheral vascular resistance.

Diuresis begins in 30 to 60 minutes and peaks 1 to 2 hours after oral administration. It crosses the placental barrier and appears in breast milk. Metabolism: Metabolized minimally by the liver. Duration of action is 6 to 8 hours after oral administration and about 2 hours after I. Contraindications and precautions Contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to drug and patients with anuria, clear clean advantage coma, or severe electrolyte depletion. Clear clean advantage if increased azotemia, oliguria, or progressive renal disease occur during therapy.

Use cautiously in pregnant women, patients with sulfa allergy, and in those with hepatic cirrhosis. Aminoglycoside antibiotics, cisplatin, ethacrynic acid: May Amikacin (Amikin)- FDA ototoxicity.

Amphotericin B, corticosteroids, corticotropin, metolazone: Increases risk of hypokalemia. Antidiabetics: Decreases hypoglycemic effects. Antihypertensives: Increases risk of hypotension. Check blood pressure frequently. Cardiac glycosides, lithium, neuromuscular blockers: Increases risk of toxicity. NSAIDs: May inhibit diuretic response. Salicylates: May cause salicylate toxicity. Sucralfate: May reduce diuretic and antihypertensive effect.

Separate administration by 2 hours. Aloe: May increase drug effects. Tell patient to use together cautiously. Dandelion: May interfere with diuretic activity. Ginseng: Decreases effect of loop diuretic. Sun exposure: Potentiates photosensitivity reactions. Advise patient to take precautions. Adverse reactionsCNS: vertigo, headache, dizziness, paresthesia, restlessness, fever. CV: volume depletion and dehydration, orthostatic hypotension, thrombophlebitis with I. EENT: transient deafness with too-rapid I.

GU: nocturia, azotemia, polyuria, frequent urination, renal failure, oliguria. Hematologic: agranulocytosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia, aplastic anemia. Musculoskeletal: muscle spasm, weakness. Skin: dermatitis, purpura, transient pain at I. May decrease potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium levels. Overdose and treatment Signs and symptoms of overdose include profound electrolyte and volume depletion, which may precipitate circulatory collapse. The usual pediatric dosage can be used, but extend dosing intervals.

Excessive diuresis promotes rapid dehydration, leading to hypovolemia, hypokalemia, hyponatremia, and circulatory collapse. Explain that reaction is a photoallergy in which clear clean advantage radiation alters drug structure, causing allergic reactions in some people. Click here for Health Professional Information NOTE: Your browser is not set to use our search feature.

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Click here for Consumer Information Search The goal clear clean advantage the strategy is to clear clean advantage the best possible use of medicines to improve health outcomes for all Australians. We support this goal by providing free access to high quality, up to date information about ovral that are approved for use in Australia.

Pharmaceutical companies are required by government to keep the Product Information (PI) up to date as new information about medicines becomes available. Ask your pharmacist Consumer Medicine Information Search. The goal of the strategy is to make the best possible use of medicines to improve health outcomes for all Australians. This web site contains the most up to date version of Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) and PI that are available in Australia, as the web site is updated within hours of the release of the updated Clear clean advantage and PI from the company Updated clear clean advantage Product name Type Date released Bactroban PI 15 Sep 2021 Rimycin PI 15 Sep 2021 Rimycin CMI 15 Sep 2021 Total virus PI 15 Sep 2021 Glucose Intravenous Infusion CMI 14 Sep 2021 Clear clean advantage all updated products New products Product name Type Date released Testavan CMI 14 Sep 2021 Testavan PI 09 Sep 2021 DBL Magnesium Sulfate Concentrated Injection CMI 06 Sep 2021 DBL Magnesium Sulfate Concentrated Injection PI 06 Sep 2021 Takhzyro PFS CMI 31 Aug 2021 View all new products Quicklinks Consumers A-Z Index of CMI What is CMI.

Side effects of medications Health Professionals A-Z Index of PI What is a PI. The HPRA advises healthcare professionals not to retain printed versions of Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) documents. As these documents are subject to frequent content updates, including changes to safety and dose related information, we recommend that you visit our website as necessary to access the most up-to-date versions.

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